Crafting an Educated, Eager, Profitable Wine Culture ...One Glass at a Time


Over the course of my career, I have established a deep passion for the wine business. I have served, sold, supplied and created wines across the world and I have designed a unique skill set to cultivate wine programs and brands that are successful, fun and can act as true revenue centers.  Through Second City Soil, I offer my clients the ability to offer a greater commitment to wine for the success of their concept and as an increased level of staff and guest engagement.

My skill set can contribute to a variety of wine programs and concepts

  • New Concept Wine Program Creation
  • Re-tooling, Training and Organization for Existing Concepts
  • Winery and Brand Ambassadorship – offering knowledge and tools for market success

Whether you are looking for short-term solutions or long-term evolution, Second City Soil is Chicago’s leading wine consultant for all of your needs in revenue growth, education and innovation.


Whether you have a concept in-development or an established brand, I can craft systems that can make your wine program more efficient, more user friendly and allow your staff to spend time tableside with your guests, not at the POS terminal or rummaging around the cellar

  • Development of an organized, efficient method of product organization that can be accessed and understood by any staff member
  • Easier POS interaction to find and sell more wine at a greater rate of return
  • Order guides that will reduce wasteful spending and focus on greater inventory management
  • Better established vendor relationships to relieve pressure and time spent on wasteful presentations


Wine can be a great profit center for your concept if approached with the idea of creating value for your guests and efficiency in your inventory and pricing. I have been successful in every brand I have built, every list I have written on lowering costs, raising profits and increasing revenue.

  • Extensive pricing analysis to make wine sales more cost-effective and appear to be a greater value to the guest
  • Menu development to find the product mix and concept that will be appealing to your guest and make them want to spend more time with your list and order higher quality products
  • With my vendor and winery relationships, I have the ability to negotiate not only better pricing, but a bigger commitment from your suppliers on supporting your concept
  • By focusing more on COGS, margins and pricing, my services will not only pay for themselves, but bring in greater revenue


Always overlooked by operators and management, consistent training and accountability to your service staff is the key towards a better wine culture in your concept.  Through my systems, I will not only create better training culture and education for your staff but also greater enthusiasm for selling wine.

  • Regular training and development sessions with your staff that will educate them on your concept’s product selection and also more broad wine education
  • Formation of daily pre-shift and wine talking points to keep the culture and education responsibility on every member of your staff
  • Development of testing and quizzing protocol to recognize strengths and weaknesses in staff education and construction of strategies to help improve individual knowledge and effort
  • Creation of education materials that staff can reference at any time in or outside of the restaurant
  • Assistance in staff certification and personal knowledge advancement 

Winery & Brand Consulting

More and more, wine is a topic not discussed in marketing, media and public relations channels. This is due to a lack of understanding about wine from the marketer and a lack of unique content coming from the concept. With my help, that learning curve can change immediately.

  • Working with your marketing team to create content for in-concept promotion, social media display and media pitches
  • Advise and lead the application process for wine and beverage related recognitions including the Wine Spectator awards and various local, national and international publications
  • Create unique and engaging event ideas to promote wine more in your concept. Not just a traditional long, drawn out wine dinner, but fun and creative ideas that your guests will specifically come to your concept for.

Marketing & Public Relations

  • Advisement on distribution in the market – who can best help sell your story?
  • Promotion of your events in the market and helping spread the word your key people are visiting the market – How many times have you come to Chicago only to leave feeling you trip was not planned well?
  • Assistance in bringing your message, your products to the right buyers through direct connections with sommeliers, wine buyers and retailers across the market
  • Acting as a Chicago concierge for your brand – where to go when you are visiting, what are the right events to participate in, what you can do to have a greater effect in the market


  • Food + Wine Magazine - Sommelier of the Year 2018
  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine - ’40 Under 40 Tastemaker’ 2017
  • 4 out of the Top 100 Wine Lists in the World - World of Fine Wine Magazine 2017
  • Awarded over 20 Wine Spectator Magazine Glasses